PEtackle is an Australian owned company bringing you only the best fishing tackle available on the planet. We do this while bringing you extremely low prices and fast shipping to your door.

Check out our latest Saltwater Flys which are regularly tested by US in the same places you go fishing. We are one of the only Australian companies that is continually researching and developing

new ways of catching big fish unlike our competitors who copy our designs and never test their gear.

My name is Sean Munro and please feel free to contact me on 0403308304 with any issues or inquiries.


Top ten Products

Pilly Bomb BFG Rig

Sales price: $ 9.00
Sales price without tax: $ 9.00

Rigged Flys

Sales price: $ 11.00
Sales price without tax: $ 11.00

Reefmaster Hooks 20 Pack

Sales price: $ 10.00
Sales price without tax: $ 10.00

BFG Ganged 3 Pack

Sales price: $ 11.95
Sales price without tax: $ 11.95

RED master Hooks 20 Pack

Sales price: $ 20.00
Sales price without tax: $ 20.00

BFGs 20 Pack

Sales price: $ 6.00
Sales price without tax: $ 6.00